thumbnail not create when show in post.

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    I’m using free version Gallery by Supsystic.
    First, thank so much for great plugin gallery you made it. It make any website look pro more.
    And i have a problem that make me confuse to buy license pro for my website.
    With create gallery in plugin Gallery by Supsystic then upload image to my host, WP Gallery by Supsystic work fine.
    But for some reason (i.e bandwidth), I’m decided using google drive storage for image.
    Gallery by Supsystic still work fine, but 1 problem appeared :
    – When add image to new gallery, it loaded into but not create thumbnail for gallery.
    – Try show a post included gallery create by Gallery by Supsystic, it still show to website but all image in gallery “Failed to load image”. Click any image it work ok but no thumbnail. (still show image thumbail in image list Gallery by Supsystic)
    I guess WP Gallery by Supsystic cannot create thumbnail when using image from another source like google drive.
    Is free version has a limited ? And pro version can solve it ? Maybe you can fix it soon.
    Thank for read, cause my English so bad (sorry).



    We have written to you in our internal support forums: We are planning to make a new feature for the Pro version of this plugin – import from CDN Google drive. Is this variant nice for you? If yes,please, inform us. Thank you in advance!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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