Unable To View Overlapping Markers (exact address location)

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    There appears to be no way to view more than one marker with the exact same location.
    For example I would like 2+ people the ability to leave a marker for the same location.

    How to Replicate the issue:
    1. Create a Marker (*Must use the address field to search for an exact address)
    2. Create a 2nd marker with the same address as the first
    3. Go back to the map and select the cluster where the 2 markers are found
    4. clicking on the cluster does nothing at all
    5. There is no way to view or even notice the first and second marker

    *is there any work around to at least either see the other content of the marker or separate space between each additional marker with the same location?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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