Update 1.7.3 was blocking "fancybox" settings

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    I use a fancybox pop-up to display videos embedded in my tables and prior to 1.7.3, everything was working great. This morning, after updating, all of my fancybox links were broken, and I had to restore a previous version of my website.

    Based on the recent threads in here, methinks you need an emergency meeting about 1.7.3.



    I’ve updated to 1.7.4 and this is still happening.

    I’m going to test a few more things, but if I can’t resolve it on my own, this version has still broken my site.




    Nothing has worked for me, and I’m still using 1.7.1. Is anyone looking into this or need more information?


    Hi @sandeld.

    Our developer already found a solution for you. Please check “Execute JS Script After Table Load” in table options: http://prntscr.com/ihptdq
    and put there this code:

    if(typeof easy_fancybox_handler == 'function') {


    I installed version 1.7.7 WITHOUT using this “fix” and the table did not work.

    Then I TRIED using this fix and it still did not work.

    So I’m still using 1.7.1.


    Hello, @sandeld
    Sorry for such a late reply. Hope you have updated since that and everything is working fine.
    Contact us in case of any questions left – and we’ll be glad to help you.



    No. I deleted your plugin and found a better option.


    Hello, @sandeld.

    It’s a pity to hear that, because as I remember – we fixed conflict with Fancybox specially for you and seems like the issue was resolved via internal support.
    Anyway, thank you for being in touch with us and reporting issues with plugin – maybe it will help somebody in future.
    We are always glad to see you as our plugin active user again.

    Best regards, Alex.



    Actually, you guys had deemed it was fixed simply because you ran out of things to try. But on my end, it never worked, and I was still using 1.7.1 instead of 1.7.5 (which was the latest release at that time).


    This is new information about an issue with Fancybox, because you wrote us “Everything is working! Thank you!” on 28 of February.
    That’s why we thought that the problem was solved. If you want, we can continue to work on your issue. Because it is important to us to finish already started doings.



    Sorry, no. The table now has well over 100 line items and 8 rows containing embedded java, custom css, etc. Changing back is not a small task.


    Ok, we understand your position and appreciate your time. Anyway, we always glad to assist if you need any additional help.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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