Comparison Data Table

The comparison data table can be used as a way to illustrate how features of a product differ as for the price changes.

Comparison data table for WordPress must be chosen very carefully so that visitors should get the information they would be interested in. Available features, options and costs as well as a refund. This is quick, easy (especially if the plugin allows the entry of data in CSV format) and keeps all the content creation in the one place. The downside is that it requires copy and paste to use the table elsewhere in your site and, of course, can be typo sensitive. Comparison data table from the WordPress Data Table Generator plugin was created especially for the best functionality of your site.

WordPress Tables Plugin

In order to create such amazing Data Table you need:

  1. On the left navigation menu click “Add new table”.
  2. Enter the name of the table and choose the number of rows and columns.
  3. Click “Save” button.
  4. Open “Editor” tab in the table parameters.
  5. Add data to the table.
  6. Add images – click on “Insert picture” button and choose an image from WordPress Media Library.
  7. Add buttons using html code.
  8. Open “CSS” tab in the table settings and type the parameters for the table elements in CSS editor.
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Data Table by Supsystic is perfectly capable to extend table functionality to your WordPress site. Take a closer look at all Data Table Examples for WordPress. Check all the variants, choose the one you like.As well as comparison data table where you can find tables with CSS styles, tables with pictures, comments and so on. The variety was made for our user and we have tried to make everything comfortable and understandable.

For the additional info, general requirements of this plugin and some other questions, FAQs, forums – check out our main page: WordPress Data Table Generator. A comparison data table is approximately ready for your using! Just download, install the plugin and choose the type.

A comparison data table or any other type of it can be inserted into posts and pages with a simple shortcode (or a template function) that allows for the same table to be easily used across multiple pages. There’s also the option to export and import tables for sharing across sites. You can just copy it and insert into the place in the code of the page.

Why should you choose a comparison data table for the e-commerce site? Have any idea? If you can provide all the detailed information for the user, they are much more likely to do their analysis and make their buying decision through your website. A shopping comparison chart is priceless in this process, and as a result, it can convert browsers into buyers very well. Make the conversion rate higher in several clicks!