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Custom Attributes, Filtering and Searching

With Photo Gallery Plugin now you can use a search and filter options for photos and products in a gallery by any number of parameters. It allows users to easily find required photos. For this purpose, we added Custom Fields for image attributes, where you can set the attributes for each picture and use a Multi filtering option with a drop-down list. Moreover, specifying the keywords and values for each image, the Search option is available. Also, we have an additional option to add Custom Button with a link for images.

It’s perfect if your website is image-concentric, whether it be a blog with galleries, products in an online shop and more. Filters and Search options for the gallery are a terrific user-experience tool.

Below is an example of an image gallery that can be searched and filtered:

In order to make Gallery with Custom Attributes, Filtering and Searching follow the next instructions:

  1. Click New Gallery Tab on the left navigation menu of the plugin.
  2. Push Add Images button and select images you need.
  3. Move to the Attribute tab. Check to enable and customize the custom attributes for filtering and searching.
  4. Specify the names and order of displaying in Attributes List.
  5. Set the width of the Attributes Panel.
  6. Specify the location in the pop-up window
  7. Enable the Button with Link in the pop-up window if required. Set Title and URL.
  8. Enable Show Filter check box to filter gallery images by Custom Attributes values.
  9. Enable Show Search to search for images by Keywords, which you can set for each image separately on Image List in the Attributes section. Search option available for any format of input data.
  10. Go to Images List settings and assign the attribute and keywords to each image.
  11. Create your own photos order — drag and drop them in the right place.
  12. Customize other gallery options.
  13. Don’t forget to Save the changes you made.
  14. Under the preview image of the gallery, you can see the short-code. Copy and paste the shortcode into post/page text editor. Click Publish.

More detailed tutorial How to create a Galley with Custom Attributes, Filtering and Searching you can find here.

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