Personal Caption Effects

Choose the extraordinary style for your photo gallery with new personal caption option! It offers you to use a lot of amazing animated effects in one grid gallery. Cannot choose one effect for a caption – choose multiple at once!

Make your WordPress site even more alluring – create beautiful photo grids with stylish hover effects for image captions. It allows you to set the color and transparency for gallery caption effects.

We bring you 27 Text Captions Overlay Effects of Gallery by Supsystic plugin, hopefully there is one that catches your eye! Enjoy!



In order to create Gallery with different caption effects you need:

  1. On the left navigation menu click “New Gallery”.
  2. Enter the name of wordpress gallery and choose Standart template.
  3. Click “OK” button.
  4. To add images – click on “Add Images” button.
  5. Choose images from WordPress Media Library – mark those images that you like or need. If there are no images that you need, click the Upload Files tab – here you can drop files anywhere to upload or select files from your computer. Click on “Choose Image” button.
  6. On Image list choose Caption effect tab, click “Choose effect” and select the caption effect. Repeat this action for each image.
  7. Return to the Properties. On Captions tab enable “Personal captions” option.
  8. Customize other photo gallery settings. WPCom_Markdown class is not exists
  9. Over the settings of grid gallery you can see the shortcode. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and Gallery by Supsystic plugin will automatically create the image gallery on your page using the settings you choose above.
    You can also use “add shortcode” button in WordPress visual editor of the page.

Want some more information about gallery caption effects? No problem.

The Personal Gallery Caption Effects plugin is an amazing visual design tool that will help you create unique animated captions for each of your images or photo shoots. This plugin will help you add your images, videos and posts with great effects on your website or blog. Animated gallery caption effect enhances your blog looks and makes it pleasant for the viewer’s eye. You can even set a different caption effect on each of your images. Your blog or website very transformed with gallery caption effects from the team of Supsystic. Only a few simple steps and your blog or website will be unique and will stand from others.

Supsystic Personal Gallery Caption Effects include Middle pop-up, Appear pop-up, Quarter Slide Up, Quarter Slide Side, Quarter Fall in, Quarter Two-Step, Quarter Caption Zoom, Cover Fade, Cover Push Right, Revolving Door Left/Right/Top/Bottom, Cover Slide Top, Caption Offset, Guillotine Reverse, Half Slide, Squoosh, Tunnel, Direction Aware, Phosphorus Rotate/Offset/Scale, Cube and Polaroid. Such a huge range of gallery caption effects helps to sort your pictures by theme and decorate them with unusual captions. You can check out all Personal Caption Effects on our website and find the most suitable for your blog! Supsystic team is pleased to choose for you the best plugins and improve your WordPress projects, websites, and blogs.

Keep and remember your best moments, present your works and advertisements with Gallery plugin.

The choice of the suitable Gallery design plugin (for example, gallery caption effects) for your website or blog on WordPress platform can improve not only the appearance of your page but also make it interesting and pleasing for an eye of your viewers. Browse our website and find even more exclusive plugins with great features and options.

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