Slider with Social Share Buttons

Social Share Buttons is greatest feature and easy way to share photos on various social networks. Connections slider with Social Share Buttons plugin allows you to make amazing sliders with new possibility. Let your users share images via their accounts on social networks.

In order to create Slider with Social Share Buttons you need:

  1. Install Social Share Buttons plugin by Supsystic and Activate it.
  2. Create new project with different settings.
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  3. Enable option to use Slider plugin – on the Main tab -> Where to show section.
  4. Save the project.

Now you need to go to Slider plugin and following next steps:

  1. On the left navigation menu of Slider Plugin click “New Slider”.
  2. Enter the name of slider and choose Bullets navigation template (no matter what template you choose)
  3. Click “Save” button.
  4. To add images – click on “Add Images” button.
  5. Choose images from WordPress Media Library – mark those images that you like or need. Click the Upload Files tab, if you didn’t find anything in Media Library. There you can drop files anywhere to upload or select files from your computer.
  6. Click on “Choose Image” button – images will appear in the Media block at the left side.
  7. Some options will be already customized but you will be able to change configured settings, here is a list of all configuration options:
    • set the width and height of the image of post slider (width can be set in pixels or percent, and the height only in pixels);
    • choose the mode of transition between slides – Horizontal,Vertical or Fade;
    • enable the slideshow – auto navigation between slides;
    • enable slideshow controls;
    • select type of navigation between slides – standard or thumbnails;
    • enable displaying of the images caption;
    • enable start of slider on a random slide;
    • choose type of easing, which will be used during transitions of slideschoose type of easing, which will be used during transitions of slides;
    • enable touch support – slider will allow touch swipe transitions;
    • enable one-to-one touch option – non-fade slides will follow for the finger when you swipe it across the screen (available, when touch option is enabled);
    • set the swipe threshold – amount of pixels of a touch swipe, which must be exceeded in order to execute a slide transition (only used if touch is enabled);
    • enable pager
  8. On the main list of slider settings enable Social Sharing feature.
  9. Activate Image Sharing option. Choose the position of your social buttons.
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  10. Over the settings of your slider you can see the shortcode. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and Slider Plugin will automatically create the slider on your page using the settings you choose above.

    You can also use “add shortcode” button in wordpress visual editor of the page.

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