Slider Widget

WordPress Slider by Supsystic is a great way to create stunning sliders with images, videos, post etc. Such sliders will immediately do their job and attract the attention of customers, no matter what content and size of slider you use. Adding sliders to your posts and pages is simple – upload your images, select the options you want and insert the resulting shortcode where you want your slider to display on your site.

Moreover with Slider Widget option you can insert sliders not only to the page content but also in Widget area. You will be able to change any settings and select any type of slider as well. Slider widget is an absolutely modern way to present your photos and images on WordPress sites. The really one method to catch the attention of your user and highlight the advantages of your content.

Do you know how to put a slider into widget area?

  1. Firstly, create your Slider in our Slider plugin.
  2. When you save it, go to the Appearance tab on the admin panel, then click Widgets tab.
  3. Among available widgets find Slider by Supsystic widget. Click on it and move to your widget zone.
  4. Add the title to your Slider Widget and choose the slider you want to be shown in it.
  5. Save the page and look at your result of the efforts.

The last, but not the least point – Slider Widget by Supsystic will be fully responsive and will organically look on a mobile phone and on any devise. There is no matter what is the size of your images, how they will be displayed in the widget and what is the number of them – Slider widget can cope with any number of “work”.