Switch Toggle Option

One of the innovated options of the Pricing Table plugin by Supsystic is Toggle Button. Using it we could decrease the amount of columns in the table but at the same time complete the table with all the necessary data.

There are three types of Switching Toggle available: with Toggle Button, with Radio Button list, and with Drop Down list.

1. Switch toggle with Toggle Button

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Clicking one-time toggle button we see how the data of the table would be changed. The terms, the price of products other data change with only one click. It helps use compact tables, which are full of needful information but are not too big or inconvenient for site-visitors.

2. Switch toggle with Radio Button list

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Switch toggle with Radio Button list is also an important option type. Site-visitors could use round buttons, clicking on which they see how, for example, the price changes simultaneously with changing the terms of selling or date or some other data. By this way, the table is maximum comfort in use and contains all the information.


3. Switch toggle with Drop Down list

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One more table option for its optimization is Switch toggle with Drop Down list. You don’t need to make additional columns in your table, making its size almost endless. Just use dropped down list for changing data in the table. Your users could easily compare the data and terms of some service offered by you. Without wasting time for optimizing the size of the table, you will receive the solution of filling the data into your web-table in the most convenient form.