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First Time E-commerce User

First Time E-commerce User

Step 1: Installing E-commerce ProAddon

In WordPress, navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search for “Membership by Supsystic” and click Install Now. When the installation has completed click “Activate Plugin”. You will have a new admin menu item titled “Membership by Supsystic”.

Then, in your personal account on the supsystic.com, you will find a unique download link after purchase. After downloading the file (membership_by_supsystic_ecommerce.zip), navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the file. When the installation has completed, click “Activate Plugin”. After activation of the PRO version, you need to enter license key (you can find it in your personal account on our site). To do this follow next steps:

  1. Go to the Membership by Supsystic in WordPress navigation menu.
  2. Click License tab on the left navigation menu of plugin.
  3. Enter your email and license key.
  4. Click “Activate Addon” button.

Step 2: Adjusting Membership Levels

On the left navigation menu at of Membership Plugin you can find E-commerce Tab. Here you can configure next settings tabs:

  • Membership levels
  • Payments
  • Currency
  • Dripped Content
  • Orders Settings
  • Statistics

Membership Levels Tab allows you to:

  • Create levels
  • See and edit detailes of existed ones
  • Sort levels
  • Search by name or ID
  • Delete levels

Membership levels

To create a new you need Click “Add new”. Now you can edit next fields:

  • Name your Membership level
  • Description – here you have opportunity to add text, images or links to your level description
  • Registration button name – for example “Register”
  • Purchase button name – “Buy” will be written by default

Creating Membership Level

Besides you can Back to the list of Membership levels without saving changes.

At the Billing section –

  • Price – set the value for current level
  • Recurring Subscription – check if the subscription is required and customize —
    • Billing Amount – price for recurring payments, for ex., 4 per 1 mounth
    • Billing cycle limit – the total number of recurring billing cycles for this level, including the trial period (if applicable) but not including the initial payment. Set to zero if membership is indefinite
    • Need renew text – provide a allocution words about membership level time expiring here. You can use media and links too
    • Extend Level button text – text for prolongation of Membership Level button. “Extend” will be here by default

E-commerce Billing

At Content Settings

  • Categories – select category for current level
  • Specific Posts – choose posts or pages for this Membership level

Content Settings
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Step 3: Set Paymens for Membership Levels

At the Payments Tab you can

  • Choose Payment Method – PayPal Standard or Test Payments

For PayPal Standard you need to fill next fields:

  • Email
  • Elect here sale or authorization Payment Action
  • Check or uncheck Test Mode
  • Enter IPN Address to make IPN system work as it should

Payments E-commerce
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Step 4: Creating Currency for your E-commerce Membership campaign

At the Currency Tab you can

  • Create Currency
  • See and edit detailes of existed ones
  • Sort Currencies
  • Search by name or ID
  • Delete Currency

E-commerce Currency

Besides you can Back to the list of Membership levels without saving changes.

In order to create Currency click “Add new” and enter it’s parameters:

  • ISO Code of this Currency
  • Symbol – enter a sign that means needed currency
  • Thousands separator
  • Fractional separator – the sign bebween fractional and integer part of numbers
  • Fractional precision – the quantity of numbers after fractional separator
  • Currency value (corresponding to default currency)
  • Put symbol at left side? – if you check it will mean “yes”
  • Is default? – check to make this Currency as a default for your campaign

Creating Currency E-commerce
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Step 5: Creating Dripping Content

To provide Dripping Content on your Membership site, you need to create post or page, then, before clicking “Publish” button, adjust:

  • Dripping (scheduale) Content
    • Enable Dripping for this Content
    • Set it to Appear since X minutes / days / weeks / mounth / years
    • Right after Publish / User registration / Level purchace (can be with registration)
  • Membership levels
    • Assign to Membership Level – select one or several Membership levels
  • Category – choose one or several categories for your post/page

Post Dripping Content
Dripping Content Tab permits you to

  • See Dripping Content
  • Edit detailes of existed ones
  • Sort Dripping Content
  • Search by name or ID
  • Delete Dripping Content

Dripping Content Tab
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Step 6: Managing Orders

At Orders Tab you can

  • See Orders’ list
  • Edit status of existed ones
  • Sort Orders
  • Search by name or ID
  • Delete Orders

Orders E-commerce

To change order’s Status

  • Сlick on Pencil image
  • Elect Status for current order
  • Created
  • Pending
  • Paid
  • Confirmed
  • Cancelled
  • Save changes
  • Click Back to see orders list

Order's Status

Besides, if you click on users sign near clicents email, you will be redirected to WordPress Edit user’s page.

Step 7: Tuning Settings

At Settings Tab you can establish:

  • Order Admin Email
  • Order Admin Email content

Also you have ability to enter you custom text with media and links to help your members in next causes:

    • For Checkout
    • Success checkout text
    • Payment fail checkout text
    • For Dripping Content


  • Unpublished
  • Not logged-in
  • Waiting for schedule
  • Not ordered



E-commerce Settings
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Step 8: Statistics

Statistics Tab allows you to

    • See E-commerce Total Statistics, how many times Drippen Content was
      • Displayed
      • Added to Cart
      • Ordered


    • Choose Statistics Diagram view


  • Table
  • Graph



  • Group Statistics by
  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • See Statistics From and To setted date
  • Export to CSV
  • Clear data

E-commerce Satistics

First Time E-commerce User