How to Use Lightbox by Supsystic in WordPress

On the left navigation menu click “Settings”. Here you can set all the options of WordPress Lightbox plugin. Simply navigate the corresponding section of properties – General Settings, Size and spaces, Mode, Slideshow, Additional effects, View helpers. Important! After changing the settings of plugin, don’t forget to click “Save” button.

Now more details about every section of settings –

General Settings

This section allows you to choose where exactly apply WP lightbox plugin –

  • Apply to all images
  • Show on specific pages – click “Show posts and pages manager” and select post / page from corresponding dropdown list and click “Add” button – it will appear at the “Added” block.

Size and spaces

Here you can set such size and spaces of lightbox gallery in pixels –

  • Width
  • Heigh
  • Offset from top
  • Inside offset


Choose the mode of lightbox –

  • Single image mode
  • Gallery mode


Enable slideshow mode for the best lightbox application – simply click the corresponding checkbox. Also here you can set speed of slideshow.

Additional effects

With simple Lightbox by Supsystic you will be able to customize such effects:

  • Show close Button – show or hide close button.
  • Translate on click – navigate the images by click.
  • Wheel navigation
  • Open effect – here you can select Fade, Elastic or None effect.
  • Close effect – here you can select Fade, Elastic or None effect.

View helpers

Also you have the opportunity –

  • Enable thumbnails navigation
  • Set buttons navigation
  • Choose the placement of image title – Float, Inside, Outside or None
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