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Live Chat Triggers

triggers of live chat plugin
Let your support be effective with Live Chat triggers, which help you to set Whom, When and Where show Live Chat bar. Plugin allows you to choose the various options when to show live chat – when page load, when user click on page or when scroll the window etc. Besides you can specify pages or posts where you want to the live chat – everywhere or on specific pages/posts. Also you the opportunity to show it for a specific users – for everyone, for first-time visitors or until user makes an action on your site. Live chat by Supsystic allows you to show only or hide the live chat for different devices, post types, countries and languages.

Don’t make your customers wait. Start chatting with visitors who need your help at the right moments, and keeps them engaged on your website.

If to be specific – you have this list of different options, you can change. This tab has three main columns for changing options:

One additional pleasant moment is that – you will find a preview of your Live Chat Box on the bottom of this tab.