How to Make Requests to Support Service

When problem with plugin arrives you need it be solved quickly. And to provide you with adequate and fast support we need some information about the problem arisen.

Check this guide to find out the best way to inform us on your problem. This list of tips is a time-saver as after you go through it we are able to solve your problem in a single email commonly which is much more better then leading long chats.

Even when the case is complicated and you cannot problem briefly it is better if you check this tutorial and know what information to provide so our support team can provide with answers as fast as possible.

So, here are the main points that you should include into your request to get help faster:

Useful subject

Please always write a summary of your problem in email subject. This helps support team to know what the problem is before opening the body of email. Thus, the correct priority will be assigned to your problem. Note, that if you have a strict deadline and you need to get help as soon as possible, add the word “Urgent” to the subject. In this case, your problem will be reviewed primarily.

Here are the examples of email subjects that give all necessary information about the problem without even reading the email body:

Plugin activation failure – URGENT.

Tables don’t work at Themify templates.

The name of plugin

Always indicate the name of plugin with which you have the problem. It happens that several of our plugins have the same title of options. So we are not able to figure out what plugin you are talking about based on the context of your question or problem, or from the name of option. Please save your and our time and indicate the name of plugin in your first email. It will help to avoid further correspondence and let us to begin to solve the problem instantly.

Clear description of the problem or issue

Describe your problem as more detailed as you can. Always write what, where and when did your problem appear. If you updated WordPress or removed/installed some other plugins, moved your website to another hosting, etc. – always write it in your request. In this way, we will know the full information and will be able to help you faster.

Look at the following example of request:

Please help! My plugin doesn’t work.

It is clear, that the following description of the problem is not full, as we don’t know what plugin the did client mean and what exactly doesn’t work in it. Such request will lead to many сlarifying questions from our side, that definitely will increase the time for solving your problem.

Link to a page with a plugin or a problem

It is better to indicate the link to the page with plugin or a problem, as we need to check it by ourselves. Usually we need to check the errors in console on this page and it allows us to find out what the problem is and how it can be solved. Without a link to the page, it will be much harder to figure out the issue.

Indicate the text of errors

If errors occur on your website – it is necessary to describe exactly where, under what conditions they arise and indicate the text of the error.

Please help! There is an error on the frontend of my site when plugin is activated.

Such request will always lead to the question from us: “Could you clarify the text of the error?”. The thing is that the text of the error usually stores very important information about in what file/script it arose and what it needs to be done to fix it.

Screenshots, images or videos

The more details about the problem and the steps of how it can be reproduced, the better. So, if you have an opportunity, please attach a screenshot where the problem is shown. Or make a video and show us what steps you are making before seeing an issue. It will help us to understand the problem better and find the easiest and fastest solution for you.

Request for new functional

If you’d like us to add some new functional or improve some option for you, please write more information about it. Describe in detail how it should work and look, also provide a link to an example of similar functionality or attach screenshots of what appearance it should have. At that rate, we will be sure that we understand each other correcrly and will make the best improvement for your needs.

Articles that help to solve the problem by yourself

There are many useful articles on our website, that help to understand the work of one or another option. Also if you face a problem, we strongly advice you to read the following articles:

There you will find out the tips for checking problems and the main reasons for the inoperability of plugins.

We hope that this article will help you to write your request in such way, so you’ll get support faster and more effectively.

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