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Membership Groups

WordPress Membership by Supsystic includes such amazing feature as Groups! Great opportunity to create your own mini blog and find friends with the same interests.

After activating membership plugin on your site automatically will be created Groups page, on which users will have the ability to create their own groups or find another interesting communities. So on this page will be displayed the list of all groups on your site. Add this page to your website menu.

Membership Groups Directory

Also on each User Profile page will be Groups section where will be shown only those groups to which users will subscribe.

Groups tab of Membership User Profile

Let’s check backend settings of Groups feature. On Groups Tab you will have the next opportunities –

  • Specify the Group Logo Size and Logo Thumbnails Sizes.
  • Set the Default Logo Image.
  • Choose the Default Cover Image.
  • Specify the Group Cover Size and Cover Thumbnail Small Size.
  • Select Group Permalink Base – group alias or group ID.

On frontend of your Community you and your users will be able to create unlimited number of groups. If you want to create new group – click “Create Group” on Groups page. Enter Group Name and Description, choose the Community type, invite users to your group and click “Create” button. Groups settings allows you to make your group open, closed (users will need to send request in order to join the group) or private (in this case group will be invisible for other membership users, and joining the group will be available only by invitation from group administrator). Set the photos for avatar and cover of your group.

Membership Group Page

On your group page you will be able –

  • Activity tab
    • create posts with images and videos
    • publish posts from your or group name
      Posting in Membership Group Activity
    • comment and like group posts
  • Members tab
    • monitor your members, followers and invited users
  • Settings tab
    • in Main section you can change the name and description of group
      Main Settings of Membership Group
    • with Privacy section you have ability to change community type and specify the limitations on different actions with your group page for different users.
      Privacy Settings of Membership Group
    • Tags block allows you to add and delete tags for your group.
      Tags Settings of Memebership Group
  • Invite friends
  • Invite administrators – you can invite another user to be administrator of your group.

Members of your group will be able to see all members of group, invite their friends, post the content in your group, comment and like your posts. Besides they can unfollow the group, but at the same time still remain the member of your group. Access to all these actions for group members or other users you can restrict in Privacy settings.

If you want to disable this feature for your membership website – you can deactivate Groups tab for User Profile page on the Main tab of plugin settings. And simply don’t add Groups page to the menu list of your site.