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Membership Profile Customization

Membership by Supsystic plugin provides you a huge list of settings for customizing appearance of profiles on your membership website. Let’s check them all.

At first you need to adjust profile settings of plugin in WordPress admin area. On Profile tab of Membership plugin you can set such features –

  • Select the Default user role. All membership roles you can create on Roles tab.
  • Use Profile Avatar.
  • Use Profile Gravatar.
  • Specify the Profile Avatar Size and Avatar Thumbnails Sizes.
  • Set the Default Avatar Image
  • Enable Use Profile Cover and choose the Default Cover Image.
  • Specify the Profile Cover Size and Cover Thumbnail Small Size.
  • Select Profile Permalink Base – username or user ID
  • Customize the User Display Name
  • Choose the Registration Confirmation –
    • Auto – after registration will be automatically created and activated the membership account for user.
    • Email confirmation – after registration user will receive the confirmation message on his/her email address. To activate the account, he/she will need to click the link inside the confirmation letter to confirm the email address.
    • Administrator confirmation – in this case after the new user registration – administrator will receive Pending Review Email. In this letter administrator can check the information about new user and make the decision – approve or reject the account. To make decision – go to Users page in WordPress menu -> find the user profile -> click Edit -> choose the Status for account – Active or Rejected. Besides here you can select another statuses – Deleted, Disabled, Pending Review. After the administrator will choose the status – user will receive the email about the admin decision.

Further you can create fields for personal information about users. Go to Fields section of Profile tab. Here you can create and edit sections and fields for About tab of User Profile. Besides here you can specify what fields will be used for registration and which of them will be required.

Also on the Main tab of plugin settings you can enable/disable different tabs of User Profile on front-end of your membership site – Messages, Activity, Friends, Groups.

All these options help you to prepare the User Profile appearance of your Community.

Let’s move on to the front-end settings. Before this moment we have learned about plugin features which are available for you as for administrator of the membership site, now we’ll check all possibilities which will be available for your membership users.

After success registration user will be able to login to his personal account on your site. On profile page user will be able to edit personal information, make some actions with friends and groups. Besides plugin allows to upload photos for avatar and cover of profile. You can check all these possibilities on your administrator profile page right now.

membership user profile


  • Post your minds, share the photos and videos, your friends will be able to like and comment your posts. Besides you can share the posts of your friends. Also there is ability to delete the post, comment or like. Activity example

Activity tab of Membership profile


  • On this tab you can edit the information about yourself. Here will be displayed those sections and fields which you have created in Fields Settings of Membership plugin. In order to edit the information – hover your mouse on it and click “Edit” button. Don’t forget to save the changes. About example

Profile About tab


  • Shows the communities on which you will be subscribed. Groups example

Profile Groups Tab


  • List of the user friends. Also here you can accept or decline new friends, which want to add you to their lists, find new friends or unfriend/unfollowed some of your friends. Friends example

Friends Tab of Membership Profile

Followers tab of Membership Profile


    Communicate with membership users in personal chats.

Messages tab of Membersip Profile


On this tab will be shown the list of all your WordPress posts. All posts with your authorship.

Posts tab of membership profile


Comments tab contains the list of posts where you have left the reply. Also this tab will show the text of your comments.

Comments tab of membership profile


This page allows you to customize such profile configurations –

  • Account – here you can change your profile email and password. And also delete the account.
  • account tab of membership profile settings

  • Privacy – set the privacy settings of your profile page for another users. Here you can specify the limitations on different actions with your profile page for different users.
    • Who can view about information on my profile.
    • Who can view my friends.
    • Who can view my follows.
    • Who can view my followers.
    • Who can view my groups.
    • Who can post to my activity.
    • Who can view my posts.
    • Who can view comments on my post.
    • Who can comment on my posts.

    For all these settings are provided such variants for select –

    • All users
    • Friends
    • Friends of friends
    • Only me

    By default, user profile is fully available for all users.

  • privacy tab of membership profile settings

  • Blocked users – check the list of blocked users.
  • Notifications – enable notifications about different activity of your Membership profile.
    • Send private message
    • Send friend request
    • Follows me

    notifications tab of membership profile settings