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    I am using Supsystic PopUp and Contact Form by Supsystic since years without problems. (Popup with integrateded contact form)
    Since End of August 22 (maybe already since April22 ?), there is a problem: PopUp doesn’t work any more as it should.
    Popup doesn open anymore.

    So I checked and:
    It seems that the connection Popup & form is lost. And i see no possibility to reconnect neither the existing, nor a new form to my popup.

    I have updated WP today from 5.5.9 to 6.0.2
    Andd I have updated to last versions of contact form, popup and popup pro. Lizence says “everyting works fine” (?)

    What to do??

    Best reagrds,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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