Can't save pop up and display errors

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    First: After creating and saving a new pop up, the pop up seems to function. As soon as i leave the edit page my pop up disappears. It is not saved. Second: pop up redraws multiple times after closing it in Safari and Chrome. Even with effects off.


    Hi, @urivanas.
    Let us know, where exactly new popups disappeared – on frontend pages or in list of created popups:
    Regarding your second issue – can you give us a link to a page with popup, where we can see and test that issue? Perhaps you can make some clarifying screenshots – what do you mean by “redraws multiple times” and disabled effects?

    Also, you mentioned some errors in topic title – what exact error do you receive?



    Hi Alex,

    1. The list of created popups remains empty. No matter how many times i hit save while creating the popup.

    2. I’ve made a subscription popup. The popup shows up. You can enter the email address and the subscription process starts. All fine. But instead of a disappearing popup after finishing the process the screen shows 2 new popups (copies of the first one).

    I don’t get an error message btw.


    Hi, @urivanas.

    Please contact us via internal support to investigate this issue and find possible reason to resolve it.
    Don’t forget to send us a link to a page on your website, where we can see and test that problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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