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    Hello. I am using ARKAHOST ( ) that has a Lazy Load options. I disable this option and it works…the pages are static.

    Then I installed the pricing table plugin and when I add a prices table in a page, that page has the Lazy Load feature enabled. If I remove the table, the lazy load is disabled.

    This issue is regarding only for the page when the plugin is used. Any other page remains static (lazy load off).

    Can you help me to disable the lazy load feature for this plugin?

    Thank you


    Hello, @omega_daniel86

    Please provide us a link to a page on your website, where we can see our pricing tables.
    I inspected page and looks like you are using some different plugin to create a table there.



    The link is:

    The theme has built in a price plugin, but it is not used (its very ugly). I can not disable it, but I dont think it matters.


    Hello, @omega_daniel86

    Can you create a testing private page with our Pricing Table on it? I can see, but it doesn’t have our table on home page.
    To test mentioned issue, we should take a look on a page, where you use our plugin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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