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    Mai T Xiong

    The video pop up was working properly previously on mobile with the video centered and scaled down in size. Now, the video is large as if for viewing sideways only in mobile. It is off to the side so users can’t close the window unless they turn their phone sideways.


    Mai T Xiong

    I also can’t use the device option. If selecting desktop and tablet, or just desktop, the pop up no longer shows.


    We have already fixed this issue and realesed the new version of Popup plugin with this fix. Please update plugin and check it.

    If you still will have any problems with it – Please contact us through our internal support. We will check what is wrong and will help you to solve the problem.



    I am having the same issue, even after upgrading to the latest version of Version 1.7.9.

    When the popup comes up on the mobile site, it will be off centered. If I close the popup and reopen it, then it will show just fine.

    Off Centered Pop Up

    I am using an iPhone 6 SE. The pop up shows just fine in landscape mode, but most users will not know to rotate the phone to see the pop up properly.

    Can you please assist? I can send you any additional information you may need.


    Hello @rodrigo.diaz!

    Could you send the link to your website and tell me where can I find the popup there? I’ll check what’s wrong. Also please try to update the plugin till the latest version.



    I have the same issue, not only on mobile, but on any screen that is smaller than the originally set width of the popup.
    It looks like the fist time the popup is loaded, the left coordinate is somehow miscalcultated, so it goes beyond the left edge of the screen – sometimes a little bit, sometimes completely. If I resize the window or close the pop up and open it again (it is triggered by click on a link), it all work prefectly fine.
    It also looks like the problem exists only if I select “Width only” as the Responsive Mode. With “Full resize” selected the issue no longer exists.

    You can see how it works on this page:



    Please contact us through our
    internal support and provide:

    – screenshot of the main Settings Tab of your Popup, for ex. – ,
    – describe the conditions of Popup to appear
    – what is chosen for popup responsive option, for ex. – ,

    Thus we can see what’s wrong and help you to solve the problem.



    I’m having this issue also, latest version Version 1.9.7



    Hi, @fox !
    Thank you for contacting us regarding your question.
    Please contact us through our 
    internal support.
    We will help you to solve the problem.



    If this many people have this issue, can’t you just fix it rather than have each user contact you individually? This is taking a huge amount of my time in creating this website for client trying to find a fix for your plugin’s issues.
    Thank you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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