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    I have setup a pop up as a text link. When I click on prieview, the popup works fine. When I post the page, it comes up with an error. What could I have done wrong.

    http://www.heating-quotes.co.uk/abcde/ This one works with exactly the same code below the main paragraph, yet

    http://www.heating-quotes.co.uk/condensing-boilers/ dows not work with the exact same code.

    <p align=”center”>To get quotes fill out the form below. Or for a quick call back please <font color=”blue”><u>click here</u></font>.</p>

    Both of the pages have exactly that code. What is wrong?

    I have checked other posts about this and followed exactly and tried on separate machine. I just can’t see why it wont work.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi @sandy

    Thank you for contacting us about Supsystic Popup plugin.

    I have followed your first page link – there are a lot of errors in your site theme. You can also see them if you click F12 and chose Console tab – http://prntscr.com/h27rw9 Please contact theme developers, they should fix them, as so these errors can affect your site and other plugins work.

    First link has a right code for popup-on-click – that’s why it is showing – https://prnt.sc/h27xm9 but the second one has incorrect – https://prnt.sc/h27y5l that’s why the popup doesn’t show up. Make the second one similar to the first one to improve the situation.

    In order to see changes you will make on the front-end, don’t forget to clean cache in your cache plugin and clean cache&cookies in your browser and reload the page.



    I will contact the developers about the themes. Thank you for this information. But, I am posting the popup code in EXACTLY the same way as the first page. Why would it be converting differently when rendered by a browser?


    Hi @sandy

    It’s difficult to say. The thing we see now, shows that in the one case the shortcode compiles, in the other one – no.
    Maybe you have cache on your site, or placed the link in the nonstandard place of your site where the shortcode does not compile.
    You can contact us via our internal support for more detailed answer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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