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    Hi guys

    firstly great plugin its what I have been looking for. I have a gif animation image that is on page and displays smaller. On click I want to popup and show iframe of the larger animation. I have all the settings correct and it works in preview.

    On the page it popups up (shows the iframe correctly) and then redirects almost instantly to url/#ppsShowPopUp_100

    Anyone having this issue? Settings screenshot below:



    Im trying to stop the instant redirect and its doing my head in. :)



    This is doing my head in!

    I’ve tried every setting and every work out on https://supsystic.com/documentation/open-popup-click/ and its still forcing a redirect within a second of the popup appearing.


    Hello, @agreigaus
    Can you give us a link to a page on your website, where we can see and test your popup?



    Complete waste of 5hrs trying to get this plugin to work as it says. Not happy at all.


    Thank You for Your feedback. Its important for us to solve Your problem and help You enjoy our products. Its a pity that You didnt have an opportunity to estimate our plugins benefits. Its definitely our problem that we didnt make everything to make it easy for You to use it.

    But the fact is that our plugin is working – we tested popup with your configuration and your gif on our test servers and everything was fine. Mentioned problem with it indicates that you have a conflict with third-party software installed on your website.
    That’s why our main goal is to find and resolve that problem for you, because our plugins work perfectly. Just in case, here you can find reasons for plugin conflicts: https://supsystic.com/blog/wordpress-developers-manifest/

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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