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    I used your PopUp plugin. I need to create PopUp with the link, which will just redirect user on the other site by clicking on this link.


    Hello @anubararthas!
    In order to do such PopUp, complete these steps:
    1. When you create your new PopUp, choose one of the two Simple HTML templates https://prnt.sc/g3x12i for popups.
    2. Click on Design tab (1) and then on the Texts subtab (2) https://prnt.sc/g3x1ul. In the Text Block area delete all unneeded text (3).
    3. Write your own text, which you will use in order for user to click on it and be redirected, or add image via Add Media button https://prnt.sc/g3x30c (note, that you need to upload the picture with button size, e.g. width=200px and height=100px, otherwise you will get a big image which will cover the entire PopUp).
    4. Highlight your needed text (1) and then click on the “link” button (2) https://prnt.sc/g3x60y.
    5. In the new window enter your link in the URL field (1) and click “Add link” (2).
    6.Don’t forget to save the changes. No by clicking on this text/image, users will be redirected on your site.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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