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    I want just put 2 column pricing table in my website. On desktop it look fine, but in mobile, I want it to show inline as you put 3 column pricing table. What I must do? FYI, I have activated the “Enable Responsivity”.

    And, is it posible to put some image and make it as a pop-up slider?

    FYI, I use free version.



    Hello Eric,
    as for your issues:
    * As for the first one – It’s special mode which provides nice and proper view of your table on any device – PC desktops, mobile phones, tablets. In this mode the table is adapts to the screen dimensions. It’s really useful option for mobile devices. When device screen is small table will go into responsive mode: all columns will be shown one-by-one below each other. If you don’t need Responsive mode – just disable it by removing the tick for “Enable Responsivity” checkbox.
    Besides if you enable “Description Column” for the pricing table – description column will be shown near the each column of the table in Responsive mode. In this case your table will be more informative.
    But if you want to see your table inligne – just disable the responsivity, but be aware that such an option can minimize the table till the moment, when it’s possible, then it will be not very “beautiful” – one column can be placed onto another ettc.

    * the second question – we have a special option in the pro version of the gallery plugin that can suit you- “Open by link in popup” option
    You will need to download pictures to the gallery, copy the link of this option and add it to the pricing table and the picture in it. When someone clicks on this link in pricing table, the photos of gallery will be opened directly in popup. Note that the shortcode of this gallery should be added to the page, where you will use gallery link of this option.

    I hope, I’ve explained everything clearly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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