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    I am using the Age Verification template for my pop-up that I have customized.
    When visitors connect from France, they need to be redirected differently whether they click on YES or NO, and once redirected, they should not see the pop-up anymore until their next connection.

    Here is a recap of what I need to do for visitors who come on our website from France:
    – They get the YES (OUI) / NO (NON) pop-up when they arrive on our website (on any page)
    o When they click on YES (OUI) : the pop-up should disappear and they should be able to navigate freely to all the pages of the site
    o When they click on NO (NON) : the pop-up should disappear and they should be redirected to the home page of the English version of this site ( The pop-up should only show again if they go on any pages in French.
    o The visitor should not be able to close the pop-up by any other way than selecting one of these buttons.

    Can you please let me know how I can do this?



    Hello Astrid!

    The Age Verification template’s work supposes by default :
    1) to show on all pages
    2) when click Yes button, popup closes and users can freely navigate through your site
    3) users don’t have any other chance to close popup, except clicking on one of the buttons

    To redirect users to the required URL, when they click NO – go to the Design tab of your popup, choose Texts tab and set the popup buttons as on the screenshot –
    Also you can enable option “Disable window scroll” while popup is opened. It is situated on the Design tab -> Appearance

    Please try these settings and tell me if they suit your needs. If you have any other questions, just let me know.



    Thanks for your mail.
    This is how I had parametered it already.
    But redirections still don’t work. Whatever I click on Yes or No, I am not redirected anywhere, and the pop-up keeps appearing again and again.




    Please send me the screenshot of the settings on Main tab and Design tab (Appearance and Texts). I’ll check what’s wrong.
    Also you can set to show popup “For first-time visitors”. You can find this option on the main tab. – Than your popup will not be shown for the same user during the specified number of days.



    Here is the link to the captures:

    Thank you,


    Hello Astrid!

    We answered you in the Internal Support. Please check your messages.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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