Responsive table, header row touching footer row


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    This i have got a setting wrong somewhere.

    When I view the table (on test site at the moment) it looks fine when the browser is full screen.

    When the desktop browser is compressed or the table is viewed on mobile (viewing on android, using chrome browser if that matters) and the table is responsive, there is no gap between the footer of the first row/column and the header of the second. This looks strange as you get the ‘Sign up’ followed directly by the title of the next package


    Hi @Reiki72

    In order to add more space between columns on mobile devices, please follow the next instruction:
    1. Create or open needed Pricing Table
    2. Click on Edit CSS tab
    3. At the end of editor add next code:
    #{{table.view_id}}.ptsBlockMobile .ptsCol {
    margin-top: 10px;

    where 10px – is a distance between columns on mobile devices
    4. Click Ok button
    5. Save settings
    Screenshot –



    Awesome, that works, thanks for the help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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