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    The subscribe option on the contact form is great, it is the reason that I purchased the pro version. However, I have a checkbox on my form for people to opt in to subscribing. I don’t see a way for my form checkbox to trigger the subscription. It appears that when the subscription option is turned on that it just automatically subscribes everyone who fills out the form, which is not acceptable. I need it to only subscribe people who check the checkbox in the form that they want to subscribe. How can I do this?



    Maybe you have some wrong settings? Subscribe checkbox works properly and it creates subscriber only if it was enabled. Please check if you set everything right:
    1) At first you need to enable Subscription on Subscribe tab – (Also you can set to Create Subscriber without confirmation if you need it –
    2) Then go to Fields tab and click Add New Field –
    3) Select Subscribe Checkbox field –
    4) Write a Label and save the settings
    In this case a user will be subscribed only if he checked the checkbox –

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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