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    You guys should probably update your website with a more detailed description on how to install the Membership Plugin and provide links to what is needed. What order do they need to be installed?

    – You don’t let new users know what all they need to install in order to make it work. On the download page’s there are no links provided to the FREE version and the knowledge that it needs to be installed before the Pro-version.

    – You don’t let people know that the Membership Subscription plugin is needed as well.

    – The Facebook installation description is outdated.

    … Love the plugins but some are confusing, too say the least.


    I’m sorry for late reply and this inconvenience.
    – on the Membership page there is Download button (
    – if you check Membership Documentation page you will see article with instruction Installation of PRO Extension
    – what do you mean about Subsciption plugin? There is Subscription PRO addon of Membership plugin. Did you mean about it?

    Thank you for your notes and suggestions, we really appreciate it.
    We’ll check all Membership documentation and make it new.


    What I’m saying is … most of your plugins have a free version and a pro version. They are named just that in the zip file. I don’t have a pro version of membership in my account download.

    In your FREE sections all your plugins,

    Social Network Integration are all the same NAMED files – ‘’

    This is what’s so confusing. The user has no clear instructions on what ALL is needed to make this work and in what order to install the plugins. Such as..
    1) Install Free Membership first then upgrade to pro ( Links to both )
    2) Install Free Social Network Integration next, Free the Pro. ( Links to both )

    I’ve been trying to get this to work for over a week now. I’m getting all sorts of errors and some help would be appreciated.



    Membership plugin by Supsystic hasn’t PRO version, but there are PRO Addons – Extensions –
    As it is in all Extension instructions – at first you need to Download Membership plugin (by clicking on Download button or Add plugin through WP admin area) and only after that – install Extensions (each of extensions has some price (
    So general instruction of working with Membership plugin is:
    1. Download Free version of Membership plugin.
    2. Install and activate it on your WP admin area.
    3. Buy some of Membership Extensions (only after payment you’ll be able to download zip file,e.x –
    4. Install and activate it on your WP admin area.

    I hope this information will help you.

    Best regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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