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    When I am logged in as admin to wordpress site popup works like a charm but when I open the pages (I have 2 in the same sub domain) in a browser while NOT logged in, the popups do not work even though they do show the correct redirect.
    I checked the www thing and both of the addresses in settings are the same.
    Can you help?



    I thought I should add more Information
    I am using Theme Adamos and have tried Twenty Sixteen Same result on both.

    I removed all Plugins except yours I was using Table Press and thought that was the problem. I removed it and put the same code on the sidebar, which I did not want to use because I need to set up 2 pages with different offers and with the code in the side bar it is the same for each page. I could use Custom Sidebars but thought that IT MAY CAUSE PROBLEMS.

    In 2016 I got nothing but saw at the bottom of the screen it was trying to connect with

    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

    If you would like to connect to the application message me and tell me how to send it to you.

    If you want to try the Table, it is still on the site but disabled. To use it, change the page to Full Width. That is the first page listed. The other one is already full width.

    I have tried several plugins and yours is the first I was ever able to use because your instructions are the only ones written for people that are not “Techies”. Thank you for that.

    Please help and make this work! I need to purchase because I will be using it on multiple sites (for the way I will be using it I could use the free download but I would not feel right about doing that)



    Just one more thing, I set the redirect to both www and none.



    Sorry, have tried to contact you for help here and directly through your web site and have had no response from you.

    If this is the way you treat someone that wants to buy from you I shudder to think how you treat someone after you get their money.

    I have bought PopupAlly Pro which costs the same as yours AND they actually have Customer Service.


    Hello @chbruce!

    Sorry for the late reply. Currently we have certain problems in our Support Department.
    Anyway, we will be happy if you decide to get back to us. Also if you need a prompt reply you can contact us here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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