Twenty Fourteen

Twenty Fourteen Theme

How do you think: is it ok, when you open the site of an ideal restaurant and don’t see the photo of a tasty dish? Or situation much more worse – these images are bad, without any idea and of bad quality. Or maybe you saw the real estate site without photos of their buildings and advertisement? We both think that all these situations are worse for business than a small amount of clients. Bad images on your site is a direct way to the back of business.

Slider by Supsystic provides you an ideal way to display multiple images in one moment and in an eye-catching way that grabs your visitors’ attention when they land on your site. If remember the law, that you have only 2-3 seconds to make your user continue browsing your site – Slider is the best way for it!

Twenty Fourteen theme is one of the amazing variants of our Slider, which is appropriate for any requirements of your business or personal site. E-commerce sitw, portfolio, blog or just news portal – Twenty Fourteen theme looks cool with every content.

Recommended slideshow settings:

Width: 1280

Height: 200

Step 1

Go to Appearance -> Header. Uncheck ‘Show header text with your image’, and remove the header image if you have one selected.

Step 2

Go to Appearance -> Editor. Select header.php from the right.


<body <?php body_class(); ?>>

Insert below:

    echo do_shortcode(""); // replace 1 with your slideshow ID


Step 3

Go to Appearance -> Editor. Select functions.php from the right.

Scroll right to the bottom. On a new line, paste in the following:


We’ve removed the header, but we still want the theme to behave as if one is there.

// Set the body classes correctly. function twentyfourteen_remove_masthead_fixed( $classes ) { $return = array(); foreach ($classes as $class) { if ($class != ‘masthead-fixed’) { $return[] = $class; } } $return[] = ‘header-image’; return $return; } add_filter( ‘body_class’, ‘twentyfourteen_remove_masthead_fixed’, 999, 1);


If all this info is not enough for you – no problem, don’t worry! You can find more about our plugin and its themes – Slider Plugin by Supsystic can be appropriate for all your requirements. Check out also the video tutorial of installation – we hope you will have no questions after this!

Important! If you still have some additional questions, want read some more articles or come to our forums – check out Slider Documentation page. There you also can find a theme integration instruction and other useful links. Don’t forget to look through our FAQ page. Maybe we already have an answer to your question! Links to other similar themes you can find also on this page.

A minimalist product-focused theme that puts the focus squarely on your work. The Twenty Fourteen theme features a responsive design and a customizable background. You can change literally everything in this theme – from arrows for navigation to the size of images. This gorgeous theme looks really like in luxury style – you can add your own details or took the pictures from WordPress Media Library. Choose the Twenty Fourteen theme, if you want to open a really attractive visual part of your site. If you want to be in trend and know that modern site should be beautiful without any words!

Twenty Fourteen Theme

Twenty Fourteen Theme