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Activity Page

WordPress Membership tool by Supsystic as any of social networks includes the news feed. Each user profile and each group have its Activity tab, where you can post your minds and share the photos with you friends or group members.

Membership plugin divides news feed into –

  1. Activity of specific profile or specific group – which includes only posts of specific user profile or specific group. This news you can find on Activity tab of User profile or Group.
  2. Membership Profile Activity tab

  3. Overall Activity of user account contains all news of this membership user, his friends or followed users, joined or followed groups. All these posts you can display on Activity page, which is created by default after plugin installation. Make this page accessible for all membership users by adding it to your site menu. If you accidentally delete Activity page – you always can re-create this page in Main settings -> Pages tab. Select page for “Activity” item or create new page for it.

Activity Page of Supsystic Membership plugin

Activity tab allows you to post such content –

  • text
    Membership post with text
  • links
    Membership post with links
  • images
    Membership post with images
  • videos
    Membership post with videos
  • hashtags, which makes it easier for users to find posts with a specific theme or content
    Membership post with hashtags

Besides in Activity feed – membership users will be able to like, comment or share the posts of each other. Also to check own post comments and who likes their posts. For group owners are given the opportunity to post from user profile or profile of group.

Like, comment and share posts with Membership plugin

Please note that all these actions refer to Privacy Settings of User Profile or Group.