Add markers on frontend

We are happy to inform you that we added a new PRO feature, which allows users to add markers to the map from frontend page. Isn’t it great? Just check the required check box, select who can add markers and how many of them can be added from the same IP for a certain period of time, copy the special shortcode and paste it anywhere on the page of your website.

It must be a page with already existing map, with the same ID which “Аdd markers” form has.

The Marker’s Form will appear there and any of your users can create a marker.

Check it by yourself. Complete the Marker’s Form and add your own marker to this map. Please note, that there is a limit in 3 markers for 30 minutes from the same IP.

Marker Form will be displayed only for logged in users. Log In

In order to create this map with opportunity to add markers on frontend you need:

  1. On the left navigation menu click “New Map”.
  2. Enter the name of the map.
  3. Enable “Add markers on frontend” option in the Map settings.
  4. Select the required fields:
    • Logged In Users Only – only logged in users will be able to add markers;
    • Disable WP Editor – there won’t be the settings to format the text;
    • Use limits for marker’s adding – you can enter Max marker’s number and the allotted time (in minutes).
  5. Click Save Map button and you’ll see the shortcode of Marker Form under the map preview.
  6. Copy this shortcode (for example Marker's Form is not displayed, because the option "Add markers on frontend" is disabled for the Current Map) and paste it to the text editor of your page or post. Google Maps Easy by Supsystic plugin will automatically create the Marker’s Form on your page using the settings you choose above.