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WordPress Easy Google Maps Plugin will help you add an interactive map to your website with easy to use. (Note - if you’re looking for a Google Maps alternative, please review our Ultimate Maps plugin.)

Easy Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps Plugin


Easy Google Maps


Unleash stunning Google Maps on your website - EASY!

EASY GOOGLE MAPS: Your blogger & tourism go-to for adding beautiful, interactive maps, no coding needed!

Why choose EASY?

  1. Effortless & intuitive: Easy to customize – it's a breeze!
  2. Stunning visuals: 300+ pre-built themes or craft your own masterpiece.
  3. Interactive storytelling: Add text, images, categories, and links to your markers.
  4. Mobile-friendly magic: Looks perfect on any screen, big or small.
  5. Google Maps powerhouse: Integrates seamlessly with the world's leading map provider.

Forget complex plugins, EASY GOOGLE MAPS makes map magic simple!

Note: If you need to engage with alternate providers like Bing Maps, Open Street, Map Box, Leaflet etc, please review our Ultimate Maps plugin.

Easy Google Maps


Easy Google Maps


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Easy Google Maps properties
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Map Controls
Google Map Themes
Map Stylization
Info Window Settings
Markers Clusterization
Markers Customization
Marker Categories
Export/Import of Maps and Markers
Live Preview Map
Markers List Presets
KML Layers
KML Layers Filter
Custom Map Controls
Directions Button and Alternate Routes
Heatmap Layer
Add Markers on Front End
Center on Current User Location
Map Controls Position
Full Screen Button
Map Stylization +300 Themes
Traffic, Transit and Bicycling Layers
Hide POI
Hide Countries
Print Button
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Getting started with Google Maps plugin
Here's info "How to Create a Google Map in WordPress" for the first time users.
Most widespread reasons for plugin non-working
If you have some problem with our Supsystic plugins – plugin is not working at all or partially – please, take into account the most common causes of plugin-crashing.We are always trying to help our users as soon as it possible. But we can’t control the other developers. Therefore bad code of other plugins or templates can provoke a lot of problems. We can help you more faster if you’ll try to analyze and describe the problem in more details.For this, follow the next suggestions. Read more..
Google Maps Easy Widget?
  1. Go to Appearance -> Widgets in the WordPress navigation menu.
  2. Find the Google Maps Easy in the list of available widgets.
  3. Drag the Google Maps Easy widget to widget area, which you need.
  4. Choose the map for widget and configure the settings - Widget Map width and height.
  5. Click "Save".
Generate Google Maps API Key
Your map suddenly stopped working and you get the following error?Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.Please check you browser console, if you'll see such error: This site has exceeded its daily quota for maps. – the problem is connected with new update of Google Maps APIs Standard Plan. Now it has certain restrictions. Despite the fact we have already added Google API key for our Google Maps Easy plugin, since the large number of plugin users, we can simply exceed limits of map loads per day, therefore you may encounter with this problem. So, to avoid this problem, we've added the option to use your own Google API key. You can find this option on Settings tab.To create you own API key - check this article and follow the instruction.
Add Google Map into site
You can add a map in the site content via shortcode or php code. Learn more about how to do this here.
How to zoom and center the initial map on markers or current user location
There is a few different ways to zoom and centralize map.The easiest one is to drag the google maps using mouse – “Draggable” option must be enabled, or with pan controller help in live preview. Read more..To center the map on current user location
  1. Open “Map Properties” tab in the map settings.
  2. Scroll down and find “Center on current user location” checkbox.
  3. Activate the checkbox and save the map settings.
Check the example of the map here.
How to show distance between two locations
  1. Open “Map” tab in the map settings.
  2. Scroll down and find "Directions Button" checkbox, enable it.
  3. The new option "Show route data" will appear under "Directions Button" checkbox. Enable it as well and save the settings.
To see how it works on your website, choose any of markers on the map and click “Get Direction” button. Enter the address and choose the required from the list. Click “Go” button. Then click on the route line and you'll see the new window with distance information.Show route data in Maps WordPress pluginTo learn more check this article.
Get Free Google Maps Pro version for Translation
All available languages are provided with the Supsystic WordPress location plugin. If your language isn’t available, your plugin will be in English by default.Available Translations: English, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italiano, Norwegian (Bokm?l), Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish.Translate Google Maps WordPress plugin to your language and get a Premium license for FREE. Contact us.

WordPress Easy Google Maps Plugin by Supsystic: The Mapping Masterpiece

Building a captivating website goes beyond just visual appeal; it incorporates elements that truly connect with users. Among these elements, interactive maps are paramount. Experience simplicity in map integration with WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic. Let’s delve into why this Google map integration stands out for your WordPress platform.

WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic


A Deep Dive into WordPress Easy Google Maps Plugin by Supsystic

In today’s digital age, geographical visualization is crucial. WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic serves as the beacon for all your geolocation requirements.


Reasons to Opt for This WordPress Mapping Solution

  • Streamlined Integration: Novice or expert, working with this Google map tool on WordPress is a breeze.
  • Intuitive Operations: No need for extensive coding! Navigate with ease through its user-centric interface.
  • Limitless Flexibility: From showcasing a single point to illustrating a comprehensive journey, the horizons are broad with this mapping solution.


WP Google Maps Tool’s Distinguished Features

  • Diverse Map Aesthetics: Ensure your maps sync harmoniously with your site’s theme.
  • Adaptive Design: In an age of diverse device usage, guarantee your maps radiate perfection on all screens.
  • Unique Marker Designs: Let your map markers echo your brand’s personality.
  • Information Layers: Integrate layers ranging from traffic details to popular tourist attractions effortlessly.


Amplifying Your Online Presence with the Google Map Integration

Maps on websites amplify:
  • User Engagement: Interactive maps can captivate users, offering vital information effortlessly.
  • Business Authenticity: Displaying your business location fortifies its real-world existence.
  • User Directions: Guide users to desired destinations, be it a local store or a grand event.


What The Users Say

Many have redefined their sites using this unique mapping solution. A few testimonials:
“Effortless map integration, all thanks to WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic!” – Jane D.
“A game-changer in WordPress mapping solutions.” – Alex L.



When you’re in search of a versatile, easy-to-use, and powerful mapping solution for WordPress, WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic stands unparalleled. It’s not just a mapping tool; it’s a holistic solution.


WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic: Beyond Standard Mapping

Exploring the vastness of WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic, it’s evident that this isn’t merely another mapping plugin. It’s a blend of functionality, innovation, and enhanced user interaction. Let’s uncover the exceptional offerings of this tool.

Tailored Map Customizations

  • Styling Beyond Themes: Match your site’s look perfectly with customized map design options.
  • Route Guidances: Direct users with pinpoint accuracy, invaluable for brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Localized Content with Geo-Tagging: Use geotagging for region-specific content relevancy.

Boosted User Engagement

  • Information Tooltips: Offer valuable insights at different map points.
  • Flexible Zooming: Grant users control over their viewing experience.
  • User-driven Navigation: Let users navigate maps intuitively with drag-and-click functionality.

Safety and Efficiency

  • Timely Updates: Supsystic ensures timely updates, maintaining harmony with the latest WordPress releases.
  • Swift Loading: Feature-rich yet optimized for speed, it ensures swift site performance.
  • Assured Data Security: With GDPR compliance, user data remains in safe hands.

Synergize with Other Supsystic Plugins

Enhance your mapping experience by coupling it with other Supsystic offerings, from photo displays to informative pop-ups.

The Community and Backup

  • Engaged User Base: Dive into a knowledge pool with an active user community.
  • Reliable Support: Supsystic boasts a dedicated team, always ready to assist.

Mapping with Purpose

Maps are not just about geographical depiction. They narrate tales, guide users, and create unparalleled experiences. With WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic, you’re crafting narratives, not just adding maps.

In the vast sea of plugins, be astute. Choose versatility, innovation, and an unmatched user journey. Choose WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic.


WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic: An In-depth Exploration

We’ve touched upon numerous facets of what WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic offers. However, the depth of its features warrants a closer look. Let’s further uncover its immense capabilities and potential enhancements to your WordPress platform.

Geolocation Analytics

  • User Journeys: Gauge user origins and their interaction with your maps, a vital asset for informed decisions.
  • Traffic Visualizations: Highlight areas of user concentration, identifying popular regions and user preferences.

Language Inclusivity

  • Worldwide Resonance: Reach a global audience with multi-language maps.
  • RTL Language Compatibility: The WordPress map solution ensures a familiar feel for right-to-left language users.

Team Dynamics

  • Concurrent Editing: Teamwork made easy with real-time collaboration.
  • Audience-driven Markers: Let users add to your map narrative through reviews, pinpoints, and feedback.

Resourceful Library

  • Map Blueprints: Begin with a template, rather than from ground zero.
  • Learning Hub: Access a vast repository of tutorials, catering to all user levels.

Adaptable Functionality

  • Versatile Applications: From personal blogs to bustling online stores, it seamlessly integrates.
  • Map Abundance: With no limits, craft maps for diverse purposes and target groups.

Optimized for Mobiles

  • Gesture-friendly: Users can smoothly zoom and swipe, ensuring a top-tier mobile experience.
  • Mobile-centric Displays: Craft mobile-specific map appearances, guaranteeing the best visual treat.


Staying Ahead of Times

The evolutionary journey of WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic is synchronous with technological advancements. With a relentless drive for innovation, it’s always set for future waves.
When it comes to mapping solutions for WordPress, depth, versatility, and user engagement define success. WordPress Easy Google Maps by Supsystic ticks all these boxes, crafting a stellar geolocation narrative for its users.
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