Alternate Routes with Detailed Steps

Have you ever thought about your own way? Your personal way is the unique feature that only you can use. Every Earth life has its own way, the way that leads to the target. Life without target is tragic and nonsensical. So move your way with gorgeous smile and full of confidence. No matter what happens with you on your way, Google Maps Easy Plugin by Supsystic will help you to solve the issues!

Just choose the departure and arrival points of your trip and voila! Supsystic Maps will show you the way. In case you want to see lakes or rivers, or other interesting places on your way to travel destination, use “Alternate routes” to visit  all of them!

In order to avoid the situations when your clients can get lost on the way, you can explore “Show route steps” option. It will advise where you should  turn left or turn right with detailed instruction.

Supsystic plugins make your life easier. Make sure yourself!

Google Maps Wordpress

In order to make such a Wow Google Map follow next steps:

  1. Create “New Map” or open existed one
  2. Add as much markers as you want.
  3. Activate “Directions Button” option on Map Properties tab.
  4. Additionally, there you need to enable:
    • Show alternate routes
    • Show route steps
    • Show route data
  5. Customize other settings of map.
  6. After changing the settings of map plugin don’t forget to click “Save” button below the Map preview.
  7. Also there you can see the shortcode and PHP code. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page text editor and Google Maps Easy by Supsystic plugin will automatically create the Map on your page with properties you’ ve adjusted above.

So how to use this ultimate tool on front-end?

Right after you have created the map with “Show alternate routes” and “Show route steps” features and placed it on your site we can begin. For this follow next instructions:

  1. Choose the marker you want to reach and click on “Get Direction” button.
  2. Type start address and select it from the list or use “Current User Location” button.
  3. Click “Go” button.
  4. Select one from the list of possible routes and enjoy it’s advices.