Botein Price Table

Price Table can’t be more useful than now! Today our visitors and users like an eye-catching design and really wow-moments. And they also like to get info as quickly as possible! If there is a lot of pictures or images and no useful info – it sounds only like gallery. You want to increase the level of your purchasing? Are more customers needed for your site? The solution for you is only light price table – Botein WordPress plugin. Light, responsible, deep design of this price table is going to attract all the visitors and even the managers of your store!

Use short-code [supsystic-price-table id=10] (id = use any table id here) inside page or post content to embed pricing table.

With our light price table theme of the plugin, you get fully responsive, customizable pricing table template that is designed to increase your site’s conversion rate. From a design perspective, the template can be pigeon-holed as either matrix template or cards template.





Price for 1 minute




15 $/month

Price for 1 minute 0.25$




30 $/month

Price for 1 minute 0.20$




45 $/month

Price for 1 minute 0.2$




75 $/month

Price for 1 minute 0.2$

Pricing Table Plugin


The bootstap light price table plugin can be downloaded with options like responsive mode configurator and an extensive admin panel with live configuration. You have full control over the design of the table with a handful of options for rows, columns, hover states, ribbons and tick/cross icons. The base design can be changed in all the etaps and can be customize for all your needs.

Important news! Notice how the columns are popped out and if you visit the site on a mobile device you’ll see that the design is really responsive. This also is appropriate to laptops, tablets, cell phones and each platform: Android/iOS or some other.

Our bootstap light price table – Botein Price Table by Supsystic can literally take your sales to the next level — while complementing your site’s design. Attract all the type of customers – who likes to read, to skim, to see and to look through very quickly. This would be the secret of your success.

We suppose that after or before installing our plugin you have other questions or want to look through the other templates of Price Table. Check out all the info and our forums on the main page of WordPress Price Table Plugin.

Now you can easily manage, distribute and start of course, from creation the attractive and compelling service menus and price lists! The Botein Price Table menu and price list plugin allows you to insert your service menus and price lists anywhere on your WordPress site with a simple short code. It’s also a great tool to help promote your business on social media and local search sites; you can quickly and easily add your service menu or price list to any of your marketing activity on Facebook, Twitter, blog posts and more.