Google Map with KML layer

Necessary to highlight building blocks or complexes, friends favorite zone, hide&seek area, Wi-Fi, highest waves water area, paintball championship or something else? The incredible ability to display different geographic information is possible with KML files in your Google Map.

Make your Map more informative with KML layers!

In order to create map with KML layer you need:

  1. On the left navigation menu click “New Map”.
  2. Enter the name of the map.
  3. On Map Properties tab find “Add KML layers” option. Enter KML file URL or upload KML file. You can add multiple kml layers on google map.
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  4. Under map live preview you can see the shortcode. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and Google Maps Easy by Supsystic plugin will automatically create the map on your page using the settings you choose above.