Google Maps Easy Widget

The sense of the site life stopped to exist? We know how to help you. Don’t blow your brain like a steam turbine, it won’t bring features, but we already have tasties for you. To drive out of the situation that had happened, we offer you to try Easy Widget function for Google Maps Plugin.

To dig up our treasures, choose in the left bar of WordPress choose Appearance and then widgets. Here you can see the range of the goods – Available widgets. One of them is Google maps Easy Widget.

Do you know how to put him on the site? Firstly, decide widget zone, that is the most wished for you to show the map. Secondly, drag the Google Maps widget and drop it in that area. Here you can see main settings for Map widgets by Supsystic:

  • From the dropdown list, Select a map, you’ve created before in Google maps Plugin by Supsystic, that you want to be shown.
  • Widget Map width. When you designate selection, you may need to adjust the width of it in percents or in pixels, so we put it in the next field.
  • The next will be Widget Map height number that have to be entered in pixels.
  • Map Center. If you need a specific part, indicate coordinates, that are splited by semicolons or use marker id.
  • Map zoom. To point out desired scale, type zoom parameter from 1 to 21 level.
  • Display as image. Tick the next field and you will see you map on the site like image with parameters below, and after clicking it will appear as a popup. If you don’t want popups, please don’t tiсk.

Note: Don’t forget to save your settings of Google Maps Easy Widget and in reward you will successfully get widget on your site in the marked place.
Enjoy your snacks!