Vertical Slider

Need vertical slider for WordPress, without text but pics? Here it is. There are lots of application modes: to buy a house, rent a flat, find good trainer in the park place, purchase a garage, find best beach, beautiful countryside and so on that is addicted to location on the map. How to make? Read further.

In order to create slider vertical map type you need:

    1. On the left navigation menu click “New Map”.
    2. Enter the name of the map.
    3. Add the number of markers you want.
    4. Enter a name of each marker and fill their descriptions.
    5. At Marker List menu choose the Vertical Slider style.
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  1. Under map live preview you can see the shortcode. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and Google Maps Easy by Supsystic plugin will automatically create the map on your page using the settings you choose above.