Fully Responsive


Responsiveness is one of the standard practice if you want to create a good customer experience across any device or platform.

Our Pricing Table plugin is a mobile-ready, means that it will render on the devices with different screen size.

Why is the responsiveness so important?

With the responsiveness you will get:

  • The working pricing table on any devices or platform (iPhone, tablet, computer)
  • Readable text without requiring zoom
  • All elements will resize automatically
  • No horizontal scrolling on devices with small screen
  • Optimized browsing experience
  • Decreasing the time requiring for content management

Responsiveness consist of three main components:

  • Fluid grids which rearrange themselves to meet the size of the screen
  • Media queries is the code that defined CSS across multiple layouts of the web design
  • Flexible images and text which adjust themselves within a layout grids


The responsiveness is turn on in the pricing table plugin by default, but you can switch off it anytime. Also, users have the opportunity to set a minimum column size.

enable responsiveness