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Live Chat Applet for Android (Beta)

Live Chat Applet

Live Chat Mobile Applet
On average, e-commerce clients (the first-time clients that are buying your products) should get the customer service of excellent quality. How to make it, if you have no constant access to the office? Increase your staff productivity by 50-60% while maintaining commensurate resolution rates to the mobile applet. We are ready to be modern, be in-time and be with you on the long way of business. Live Chat can be mobile!

Live Chat Applet by Supsystic is ready! You can chat with your customers and visitors through your cell phone now. We’ve uploaded Android version and as soon as it would be possible, we will create one iOS and Windows version of Live Chat mobile applet.
Contact Us about mobile live chat review and request for the new features and issues.

It was the essential part of our work to create the mobile version of Live Chat plugin. We understand that our customers are very busy and successful people or those who want to make the business and have no time. So that we tried to make their lives easier – chat with guests of your site during the day, sitting in the auto, public transport etc.

Be always in contact with your customers and boost the percent of online sales, because of polite and on-time replies. The majority of top sites and blogs have already made their sites mobile friendly and all tools/plugins on them are also created for cell phones. Be on the top of your business sphere and download the Live Chat mobile applet.

Live Chat Applet

Live Chat Applet

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