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    I was wondering what the best way to move the Title section on the Coin Slider below the image instead of overlayed on top of the image.

    To provide some additional info, I have set the dimensions of the slider to 1024px by 480px in the plugin and have enabled the responsive option. When viewing the site on a laptop, the slider component is automatically resized to 1280px by 600px. The images are also automatically resized to these dimensions. The title area is resized properly based on its content.

    However, I would prefer to simply have the image dimensions default to what I set them to be (1024px by 480px) and then have the title area fill in the remainder of the slider component’s area.

    Do you have any recommendations for accomplishing this?


    Hi @jack70235
    In the case you want to set personal slider size turn of Responsive Mode in your slider Properties,
    establish width and height you need and Save changes.

    If you want to set Captions position of the slider follow next steps:
    1. Choose Jssor Slider
    2. Enable Captions
    3. Click Captions Position
    4. Select the one you like –
    5. Save changes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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