Combined Plugins Only Work on First Page Load after Saving TABLE

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    Hello — fabulous plugins! I’m very hopeful to be able to purchase the PRO versions after my own items start selling. :0)

    Reference page:

    I’m using on this page:
    — WordPress 4.9.9
    — Elementor 2.4.5
    — Plugins by Supsystic
    — — Data Tables Generator
    — — Photo Gallery
    — — Popup
    Other plugins are certainly present.

    I’m viewing, and seeing the same issues, via:
    — Chrome 71.0.3578.98
    — Firefox 64.02

    I’m nesting the plugins, so to speak. On the referenced page I have a table created with the data table plugin.

    In that data table I have:

    — a column for preview which uses the popup plugin with a PDF to preview the item on click of the preview link

    — a column for purchase links wherein some items actually have 12 links with a different cover for each month, so for those I use the popup plugin to show an iframe which in turn shows the gallery page (and then the gallery images have the individual purchase links)

    Everything works great! It’s beautiful, fabulous, wonderful! BUT sadly it ONLY works for the very FIRST page load after I save the TABLE. On the next page load …

    — clicking any popup PDF in the peek inside column goes to a new page with the URL about:blank

    — clicking any popup iframe in the purchase links column just adds the /#ppsShowPopUp_{ID} to the URL

    I can go back into the dashboard and save the table again, having changed nothing, then reload the page and it works great. Until the next time I reload or revisit it again.

    Please let me know what additional information might be of use (settings, try this/try that, etc).





    Thank you for choosing our plugins :)

    Please contact us through our internal support.
    We will help you to fix the issues.

    Best regards,



    Done, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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