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    Paul Zucker


    I would like to have a table I created with your plugin display in two separate columns (not data columns but formatting columns) on the web page.

    In other words if the table contains 54 rows with two columns of data, I would like to display rows 1-27 with both columns of data in the first (left column) and rows 28-54 in the second column (right side).

    The table contains “Name” and “Email” (thus two columns of data) and rather then have the table extend down the page in 54 rows, I wish to divide it up when displayed on the web page into two columns (buy using the themes shortcodes – for example [1/2_column][1/2_column_last]) with 27 rows each.

    Is there some modification that would make this possible?

    I don’t wish to divide the data and create two separate tables as this would require two separate search functions and it might be confusing to the user as to which one to use.

    Thank you


    Paul Zucker

    I submitted this over 2 days ago. A reply would be appreciated so that I may know if it is possible and if it is not then begin to explore other solutions.

    Thank you.


    I’m sorry for late reply.
    Unfortunately you cannot divide the table on two parts. But you can enable pagination option, in this case search option will work for whole table. Here the example of the table with search and pagination – http://supsystic.com/plugins/data-tables-generator-plugin/
    Please check it and inform us if such option suits your needs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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