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    Mike Cherim

    I really need to have the functionality of saving a table after being edited in the front end. The front end in this case is a WP private page with very limited access. I need to be able to edit the table on the front end and save it!

    I sent in a request but am getting antsy waiting. If I can’t I probably won’t be able to go with this solution. When I purchased I knew about the front end editing (why I bought it) but without the ability to save it’s of no value to me.




    Hello info440253,
    Sorry for this delay, we had some small problems. I know that we promised this update last week, but we actually made this update today. So please wait just two-three hours or tomorrow morning. We will definitely inform you about it!


    We just released new versions of Data Table plugin with improvements for you! Please update both version of plugin and check it! We have added new feature – “Save data in editable fields”. Go to Settings tab and find “Save data in editable fields” checkbox in Features section, you need to activate it. This option allows to save data into the table through the editable fields.
    Please try it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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