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    Hi, I’m italian and sorry for my bad English… I use this plugin and it works very good.
    I have a question, maybe I don’t see this but, is it possible insert the full screen in the navigator bar? Thank you.


    Hi @powerdoom3

    Unfortunately it’s impossible to implement such feature due to technical characteristics of the plugin.
    But if you need to have ability to show pictures in full screen width, you can try our Gallery plugin.
    It allows you to make fullscreen view, linked images, insert links and videos inside it too – https://supsystic.com/plugins/photo-gallery/



    Thanks for the answer, but I like the slider…
    I wanted the fullscreen in the slider because it cuts me the image.
    If I set width: 600 px and height: 450 px … and I upload images: 600×450 px and 223×450 px (I know that does not use the entire width)… to the slider in the post happes this:

    I wrong something….


    Hi @powerdoom3

    Unfortunately it’s impossible to do that. Your second picture has much more smaller width than the first one and the width of the slider, that’s why it will look incorrectly. There are some rules of using Slider plugin.

    In order to create slider, that displays correctly, at first you need to prepare your images.
    – Determine the width and height of the slider.
    – The width of the photos should be not less than the width of the slider.
    – The height of the photos should be not less than the height of the slider too.
    Best of all to pick up or make the pictures somewhere about size of slider or a little bit bigger.

    Otherwise, to let your pics look beautiful you can try our Gallery plugin – https://supsystic.com/plugins/photo-gallery/



    Ok thank you, I solved my problem

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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