Hide a column when importing from Google Sheets

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    I have a TABLE with auto-import data from Google Sheets here (I know, it looks awesome)


    The part I can’t figure out is how to hide column B (or any other column) when importing the data automatically from Google Sheet.

    I tried the eye icon, but I think it does not work on auto import.

    Please help =)


    Hello, @tocarlosaguilar
    Unfortunately you can’t hide columns or rows in table with auto-imported data using table editor. We can’t implement formats to cells in such table, because it can conflict with Google Sheets.
    But I have a tip for you – if you don’t want to show some columns or rows for your users on frontend, you can use CSS editor in table.
    You should identify required column/row and implement to it “display:none” property.

    For example:

    #supsystic-table-169 td:nth-child(4) {
        display: none;
    #supsystic-table-169 tr:nth-child(4) {
        display: none;

    where supsystic-table-169 – 169 is your table id, td:nth-child(4) – 4th column of the table, tr:nth-child(4) – 4th row of the table.
    For first column use – td:first-child
    For first row use – tr:first-child
    For last column use – td:last-child
    For last row use – tr:last-child

    Don’t forget to save changes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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