How show only certains rows/colums?

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    My compliments for this amazing plugin. I’m join pro immediatly ;)

    I’ve need show only certains roww or columns of the table in my pages.

    Is it possible?




    Hello, @Skynet969

    Thank you for your compliments.

    There is Hidden option on the Editor tab of Data Tables plugin. You can use this feature to hide certain rows or columns of the table you don’t need to show.



    Thanks, but I maybe wrong in making question.

    Can some rows of same table be visible on a page and other rows can be seen on another page?


    Hi, @Skynet969

    Try to use:
    Value Shortcode (display a value of single table cell in the site content) or
    Cell Shortcode (display a table with single cell in the site content).

    You can find them at the top of Data Tables plugin (



    Thanks again. I had already tried those shortcodes, but I need show all the contents of a row or column, not a single cell only.

    I was hoping there was a dedicated shortcode or even a small change to php.


    Hi @Skynet969

    Your issue was redirected to our developer. I will inform you about the progress.



    Thank you very much!


    Hi @Skynet969

    If we provide you a css code in order to hide some columns/rows of the table – will it suit your needs?




    probably not.

    I explain to you:
    I create a table with all the data for all of my users.
    At this point, I need to make sure that only the column for certain data appears on each page of each user’s profile.
    Being generic, css code should not solve.
    Before I knew your plugin I used another one that had a dedicated shortcode just to filter the displayed Columns/rows.


    Hi @Skynet969

    Unfortunately we will not do this work now.




    But I think you have to consider that function for the future.

    Thanks anyway for the support.




    Hi Support, I would be interested in knowing the CSS for hiding certain parts of the table in other areas of the site?

    I have one large Top 10 table that occupies a full page. The table has 8 columns which is fine on Desktop on that page. However I would like to be able to show different ‘views’of that same table in other parts of the site. For instance, I just want to show rows 1-4 and columns 1,3,8 only from the same table. Is that possible in shortcode/CSS?



    How can I write the short code if I want to show all the rows and column 2,3. I have many rows and I might add a few rows once in a while. or how can I do row 3,4,5, to the end row and column 1 and column 3.
    Thanks and hope to get an answer.



    when I use the “table part shortcode”, I see the searching box is gone. Can I have it back when I use table part short code?



    How can I hidden a certain column while I still have the features of sorting and searching box?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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