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    thanks a lot for the great plugin. is there a possibility to do a dropdown list in frontend, where you can select a item?



    Hi @chrisgeist

    Thank you for contacting us about your questions.

    Please clarify how you want this dropdown list work? What have to be done next after choosing one of the items?



    hi mila
    i also contacted the support team via e-mail.
    i also found a bug: while searching in frontend after its not possible to edit fields anymore. support team said they will fix it.

    i just want a simple dropdown list in frontend where you can select a “item” which avoids that someone puts wrong written data in it (for example you can just select “YES” or “NO” in the field)

    all the best,


    Hi @chrisgeist

    You issue was redirected to our developer, I will inform you about the progress



    hi mila, any news about a dropdown menu?




    Hello @chrisgeist

    I’m sorry for this inconvenience.
    Currently our developers are working on this issue.
    I will inform you about the updates as soon as it will be finished.


    Hi @chrisgeist

    We have already released New Versions of the Data Table plugin. Please update your free and pro version an check it.

    Also don’t forget to clean cache and cookies to see changes.
    To create a Drop Down Bar follow the next instruction:
    1. Go to the Editors tab
    2. Choose the cell you need
    3. Click on the the Drop Down List feature
    4. Click on “Add Option” to add more rows and fill in them
    5. Click Apply to create the list –
    6. Don’t forget to Save changes you made inside the table



    I cannot find the drop down list feature.Please advise.


    Hi @vatech1988

    You can find the drop down list button here –

    and use the instruction above.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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