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    I would like to enable users to make a blog/profile page and put their map in their blog in a way that the author can only add/edit the markers on the frontend.
    Is this possible?

    Furthermore, in the demo if I hover over the map and I scroll, the map does not zoom in. Is this adjustable so that it will zoom if I hoover over the map?



    Hello, @sharinglifestylestories

    Please contact us using internal contact form. Such possibility is not available at this moment, but we can discuss it.
    Pro version of Google Maps Easy plugin allows you to put form for markers adding from frontend, but all logged in users can do it. Unfortunately roles or some other restrections are not presented now for this option.

    Regarding your second question – you can Zoom map using “Ctrl”+”Scroll” combination. To do it you should enable “Mouse wheel to zoom” option in required map settings:



    Dear Alex,

    Thank you for your answer. I am interested in integrating your plugin with BuddyPress. Could you tell me something more about the possibilities?

    Kind regards,


    Hello, Astrid.

    I think BuddyPress plugin should work with shortcodes, so you can add shorcode for a map on required pages.
    Pro version of our plugin allows all your logged in users to place new markers to a map (adn remove them), but you can’t restrict who of users can and who can’t do it. This option is not available in our plugin functiuonality.

    If this functionality is not enough for you, you can always write us via internal support your custom request and explain in details what results do you want to achieve using our plugins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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