Is it possible to eliminate borders?

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    I see that I can display either full borders (rows and columns) or just rows, but it appears I cannot eliminate borders altogether. Is it possible, and how?

    Thank you!



    Go to CSS tab in table properties and put this code in CSS editor:
    table#supsystic-table-1 * {
    border: none;
    where “1” is the ID of your table. Please, try it.




    If, lets say for example, you’re a complete n00b and have been using a page builder and have little to no idea how to implement the above option, is there a chance you will include this as an option in a further update? Your gallery plugin is the only one after millions that i like and use, i would dearly love to just be rid of the borders.



    Hello Ant!

    If the problem is still actual – please contact us in the Internal Support, we will help you to remove all borders. Currently we are not planning to add such option to our development scope, but I will redirect your request to our development team.



    We released a new version of plugin, with the settings for borders. –
    Please update the plugin and check it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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