Map disappear in devices less than 768px (mobile)

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    Hi, I’m using the free version of the plugin, so far I love it and it has been working well. Until I checked the mobile version of the website I’m building, to find out that in mobile the map is not showing at all I see in the code that seems to be there, but it just disappears when I resize the window to be less than 768px wide. Also checking directly on my mobile phone it doesn’t show. Ipad vertical works fine.

    Is there something I did wrong or anything I’m missing? Doubled checked the Google Api’s I have active and everything seems right.

    I need to solve this urgently, and have not found any solution anywhere.

    link to a preview. The map should appear under the Location section:


    Hello, @arionvane

    We tried to reproduce your problems on our testing servers and didn’t have any luck. So most likely there is a conflict with your other plugin or your theme. We hope you understand that we can’t test our products with all other plugins and themes that are available on the market, and we can’t control the other developers. Therefore bad code of other plugins or templates can provoke a lot of problems.
    Please try to deactivate all your plugins one by one and check the issue. Thus you will find out which plugin causes the error. If it won’t help, try to switch temporarily to a standard WordPress theme.
    More useful information you can find here:

    Afterwards let us know about the result. This will help our developers to solve your problem faster.



    Hi, I found out what was happening. Tested it several times, and seems the plugin is not working when the container where is placed has a “display: flex;” style… (or display: flex-inline).

    Tweaked the css and now is working properly across devices..

    So leaving this here for future reference. Avoid display FLEX on containers with the plugin. (why this problem? no idea, but at least it solved the issue).

    Thanks for taking a look at it, and thanks for the excellent plugin! :)


    We are glad that you found the reason of issue with maps.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ll need our help again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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